Causes of a Small Penis

Causes of a Small Penis

What are the three most unknown causes of decrease in the size of the male penis.

In the modern world there are a lot of developed drugs. Drugs which could cure and drugs which could cause the death and insanity of someone. As drugs intensify, it affects the body with a high risk. Illnesses and negative which could lead to such use may be one of the factors of having a small penis. 

1. Smoking weed or cigarettes can make ones penis size smaller. Well it doesn’t actually decrease the penis size but restricts blood flow to the penis resulting harder to achieve erection and thus erection lasts less than the usual time. So if there is any restriction of blood to the penis, the penis growth is halted.

2. The use of steroids may result to a smaller penis. Steroids can cause a decrease in desire upon the opposite sex, it also causes a decrease in the ability of erection. But not yet actually studied, based on majority steroid users, steroids can cause the penis to actually “shrink”. Steroids also cause a decrease in the ability of erection. 

3. Drinking mountain dew can cause serious effects on a mans manly hood. Crazy at it sounds, a soft drink which almost everybody drinks can cause serious effects on a mans masculinity. Mountain dew will decrease the size of your testicles, reducing sperm count and halting the growth of the penis or even worse shrink it. It is said that the drink contains “yellow n0.5″ or tartrazine, which is a food coloring which could cause serious effects on ones manhood.

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