Philippines Local Mobile Brands

Philippines Local Mobile Brands

This topic will tell you the different local mobile brands here in the Philippines.

Here in the Philippines, it doesn’t matter what’s the brand of your phone or what it can do whether it is touchscreen or not as long as it can perform texts and calling. Now, see here because most of Filipino families are on the line of average living, they are buying cheap phones that would suite there type of specifications or I would like to say even though it’s cheap it’s still cool. That’s why there are local brands growing out of the ground, like the local brand cherry mobile, torque and myphone. I will discuss briefly later these brands. These brands in general produce multi-tasking or phones which performs some tasks more than the average phone. These phones have TV function, you can watch the television channels right from your phone! They also have dual sim compatibility which allows you to have two sims in one phone which is a very big deal in the Philippines and so much more. Well, these companies are really not local companies which make phones from local parts but are actually made in China and are just tagged here in the Philippines. The companies bargain out the phones quality for it’s function and especially for the mass production.

Cherry mobile:

This brand is not so new, it has been out for my knowledge about 3 years. They were first known for the phone they made, unit P1, which is a very portable mini phone which could text and could perform calling and its also looks like a calculator, the main description which made it a big hit in the Philippine market.

P1 which costs about merely 999 pesos

When it became a hit, cherry mobile produced more phones, phones which are dual-sim and has TV capability. Not long after Cherry mobile gone out of hand, they already started producing querty phones and then the touchscreen phones and not long after the great boom of the company, they started to make the first dual-sim windows mobile phone in the world. After the dual-sim smart phone was released, they just newly developed more phones which no longer runs on windows but on android, they just made three new phones which runs on OS android and one of which is a tablet phone.


The brand myphone, well I don’t really know much of it but I have done some researches regarding about it and I have found that they are almost likely the same as Cherry mobile. They have produced mini phones just like the P1, and then they started developing querty phones along with the triple-sim querty phone and they also do produce phones which have TV capability, touchscreen, and dual-sim capability. The myphone brand, as I have searched is not that bad at all, there are blogs and discussions which I’ve read that the phone is cool, it’s nice, most of the people would say that they love it and they would also say that it is long lasting and doesn’t break down easily. As they have said it’s not like any other local brand that have bargained out its quality for mass production and function.


Well, regarding about this brand, I’m not taking sides here or I am not an agent hired to destroy the name of other local mobile brands but see here according on my searches, the mobile brand,”torque”, doesn’t create quality phones. Most people would comment that just for only one day the phone immediately backed down, especially the triple-sim querty phone. They say it’s a pile of scrap and just a waste of money. The torque brand is not like the other local brands because, they never did make touchscreen cheap phones and they didn’t make mini-phones which made a great hit. They only did make average phones which aerage keypads and average mini-sized screens.

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